Sunday, February 17, 2008

nothing and something: Im so in love.....

i dont have anything to write, just felt like writing something which happens to be absolutely nothing, but dont blame me, remember i told you this is my diary/journal/my page where i write what i want, when i want because its mine, mine, mine, all mine.

i dont have a boring life, im just not a writer like Carlo, Dee, Cherie, Naijachickito, Afrobabe. Im telling you pips if ever you are bored at work, check out these blogs. These guys are simply delightful writers. Im telling you, just from reading their blogs, I think we are friends. Im telling you Carlo, dont be surprised if I meet you and I start yapping forgetting that Ive never actually met you. Merci beaucoup bloggers for making my days.

Oh by the way, how was Vals day? I had a total blast. My man is such a darling. At midnight on Valentine's day, he sent me a romantic text... okay not romantic but it made my heart leap and i felt all woosy, woosy. It said 'Happy Valentines my Valentine' You must be saying arrgh, well I was happy, slept with a huge smile on my face. The next day I reached work so early, I was excited and guess what? he sent me a huge bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolate :) with a card inviting me for lunch at Serena (Im telling you, my man aint simple, he's izay izay lol) So anyway, where was I, oh yes at lunch, he picked me up from work and we had a ki izay, izay lunch at Serena, i was so on cloud 9, and he gave me my favourite perfume. Im also not simple, I gave him a hot gift, and we kissed like noone was watching. At night, we went clubbing. Im telling you Im still so... happy, i didnt even dose off at work the next day. Im so in love. Im in love, love, love....

enough yapping for a day, let me try and style up ko this blog of mine. Au revoir. bisous...

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Reader: Two posts in one day and they aint even interesting
Me: Ca c'est la vie! its my life, i do what i want, i write what i want, when i want, its my blog, MINE

Happy vals day. Okay cant wait for my roses to be delivered, and if that darling of mine forgets, he's in hot soup


Whats with this facebook that makes it so....... addictive? I mean, everyday, Im at work, I have to open it like about 4 times just to see the latest messages being written. I think facebbok is actually an open diary because you can actually find out someone's life story by reading all the wall messages and seeing their pics.

I think its a nice place to keep in touch with all your friends but then again there are people who will add you as a friend and you have no friggin idea who they are. They just saw your pretty face and feel you have to be a mong their friends. I dont believe in adding on people I dont know. I mean its social networking with friends not a competition to find out who has the most friends. I know people with 1000 friends and they dont know 900 of them. I mean forgive me for not wanting everyone to know my business.

tehee, till next time people

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Hey y'all, I am so new to this blogging thing but let me just give it a try. Blogging is supposed to make one feel better because thats where one can 'download' all their thoughts lol. Anyway, if you dont like what you are reading, feel free to move to someone else's blog, my only prayer is I dont get any nasty comments to dampen my spirits.

I decided to start this blog to write about my life and whats wrong or right with it. Actually, I have a great life. Im the last born so Im babied alot, have parents who I adore and who love me too, have loads of friends so Im a happy person. But one thing is Im too shy for my own good, I always care and mind what people think of me and all which isnt good at times.

Well, isnt this enough for one day. Peace y'all and God bless.